Showcasing Capital City's Creative Talent

Sacramento Developer Collective is proud to announce a special
Capital Creative Showcase event for 2021

Saturday, September 11th

Show starts at 3:00PM, Sat. Sept. 11

Subscribe to our YouTube channel, watch the trailer, then watch the show Sept. 11 at 3PM

Featured Guests


Creator of games such as Robo Tea: 1 Cup! and Affection Game

PGJ Team Judgement Day

The team behind PGJ2020's zelda-like game Judgement Day reunites for CCS2021 Re:wind

Gianni Plaza

Featured CCS2020 guest and creator of Mad Mind Battles calls in from Puerto Rico

Team Substitute Santa

The team behind the delightful holiday VR game featured last year

Zach Winn Studios

Creator of the retro-styled Mocha Mania featured last year and games like Pone and Patoo

Ghostline Games

The team working on Capt. Kit's Odyssey, the bright and fun match 3 style game featured last year at CCS2020


Inspired by the creative talent in the greater Sacramento region, the Sacramento Developer Collective organized the Capital Creative Showcase to provide a venue for area creative talents to exhibit and promote their work.

CCS Re:wind 2021 is a special edition of Capital Creative Showcase featuring a look back of the past year and past events with special guests from CCS 2020 virtual edition, our community, and partners

Sacramento Developer Collective is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to supporting and
growing the video game developers and creative industry in the greater Sacramento